Toolmanufacturers for metal & wood
General tool grinding workshops
Moulding manufacturers
Machinery constructors
Turning & milling workshops
(ferious & non ferious materials)

Tools for dressing & profiling applications on abrasive wheels
- single point dressers
- grit or multipoint dressers
- block or plate dressers
- profile dressers with polished natural or PCD diamond


Tools for wet or dry grinding operations
- diamond or CBN wheels metal bonded(LMB) in dry or   wet operation
- diamond or CBN wheels resin bonded(LR u/s) in dry   or wet operation
- diamond or CBN electroplated wheels
- internal grinders in dry or wet operation
  . metal-bronze bond
  . resin bond
  . electroplated with steel shank
  . electroplated with full carbide shank


Surface treatment - handtools
- diamond files, all types
- diamond compound, 5 gr, 10 gr, 20 gr
- hardness testers

Tools for turning and milling operation

- chisels with natural or synthetic diamond
  (when high finish required)
- inserts with PCD or CBN
- specials upon request

Additional equipment

- abrasive wheels and dressing sticks
- brake truing device for wheel dressing
- hand refractometers
- tachometer for rpm control 'Pocket Tach'

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